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S&M Painting and Drywall Company is family-owned and has been in business for over 70 years. It was founded by Gilbert Swinney in 1946 as Swinney Painting Company and in 1959, son-in-law Mike Mangold joined the company. In 1965, a partnership between Gilbert Swinney and Mike Mangold was reached and S&M Painting and Drywall Company was born. It was also at this time that the drywall division was created. On January 1, 1992 S&M Painting and Drywall Company was incorporated.

The S&M Painting and Drywall Company originated on the north side of Indianapolis (71st and Keystone Avenue), but in 1980 moved to the present location in Carmel, Indiana.

Since we began in 1959, we’ve strived to build and maintain excellent working relationships with our customers and vendors. And, we continue to believe the best way to build lasting relationships is to treat customers as we like to be treated.

We will be forthright and return all calls in a timely manner. And, we are well-known for doing what we promise, or more than we promise.


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